Choro in Portland!

I was in Portland for the very first time in April 2011. Just before that, I was teaching at Centrum Choro Workshop in Washington State when mandolinist Zak Borden invited me and my soul brother Douglas Lora to perform a…Read more


My band Caraivana is getting together again to perform at APCEF in Brasília on June 28 and at Centro Cultural Casa Verde in São Paulo on July 6.
All group members live in different cities so it's a great and…

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Terra Seca

Here's a new video of Trio Brasileiro performing my composition "Terra Seca". This was recorded last October at Empty Sea Studios in Seattle. Now we're getting ready to return to the US in April 2013. We'll perform again near Seattle…Read more

Viva Luís Gonzaga! 

Today, Luiz Gonzaga (1912 - 1989), "The King of Baião", would be turning 100 years-old. He's one of the most representative names in Brazilian music and stands out for an entire culture from the northeast of Brazil. When I was…Read more

Centrum Choro Workshop 2013

Workshop: April 3 – 7, 2013
Concert: Saturday, April 6, 7:30pm
Faculty: Dudu Maia, Anat Cohen, Jovino Santos Neto, Henrique Neto and Alexandre Lora

Our popular Choro workshop is back, and better than ever. This year we’re…Read more

Divertimento para Gigi 

Here is a piece I wrote after a beautiful and inspiring day playing around with my little daughter. I was thinking about her laughs and smiles while I was composing it... This tune was just recorded for the CD TrioRead more

Trio Brasileiro's website is up!

Trio Brasileiro's new website is up! Formed in 2011, Trio Brasileiro has already made a name for itself as an ensemble worthy of international attention. Their stunning virtuosity is matched with remarkable musicianship and a deep devotion to the language…Read more

Casa do Som

Casa do Som is a project that I run here at my very own place - my recording studio, my home. Here I record state of art acoustic music performed by friends and musicians I've met throughout my music career…Read more